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Missouri allows anyone to obtain a medical marijuana card

Dec 4


It is possible to be accepted into Missouri's medical marijuana programs with only a few minutes of time and about $100. A clinic near St. Louis offered a discount on St. Patrick's Day. Are you hesitant to leave your home? Make an appointment on the internet There are no medical records required.


The proposed Missouri program is currently under close review, not just by legislators. Medical professionals are concerned about loopholes in the system, such as telemedicine, and an inability to control the system in the certification of patients for marijuana use.


"If this is the way we're going to screen individuals and allow them to be issued a card, we should just bypass the formality and move straight to recreational, and let everyone be able to get the card," said Dr. George Edwards, who certifies patients for Independence.


In the 33 states which have legalized medical marijuana, there are many ways to ensure the oversight. The Missouri program director of medical marijuana cards explained that he began receiving calls from doctors in the fall. But, the state did not create regulations that would permit the agency to review doctors or revoke their licenses until February.


"That creates an opportunity to make a fool of yourself."

More than 41,000 people in Missouri possess a medical marijuana card. Amendment 2 which legalized medical marijuana, set out the requirements and left the process of obtaining a certificate up to the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation.


Patients must have a physician with a current Missouri license to sign a certification form to obtain a card. The form requires that doctors declare the qualifying condition, which can include epilepsy, cancer, or PTSD in addition to "any other debilitating, chronic, or other medical condition" which they are required to mention.


According to state certification forms, physicians must also review the medical history of a patient or medical records.


Dr. Lisa Roark owns and operates Roark Family Health and Roark Family Health and Spa in Cassville located in the southwest corner of the state. As she has observed the difficulty in looking over documents, she needs a patient's health details. Patients had difficulty receiving them at times.


She says she doesn't have to see the papers when the patients are minors.


Roark said, "If a parent asks me to look over their medical records, I'll gladly review their records however they do not have to be able to prove the request." "I only need an accurate medical history.


Roark says that a thorough medical history includes asking patients about their allergies, medications, surgeries, medical conditions and how long they've been hospitalized, the medicines they are currently taking and any other indications.


Roark says she's not worried about the fact that her certification process allows to use it for recreational purposes.


Roark has stated that he doesn't believe that cannabis should be used for recreational purposes. Roark said, "I believe that anyone who takes cannabis for medical reasons is doing it because they need to." And it could be that they have anxiety and use cannabis to relax, or have difficulty sleeping, and turn to cannabis to sleep better."


Jon Patterson, Lee's Summit Republican state representative, said that if the plan is to become a medical marijuana plan It should be implemented in a way similar to how medical marijuana is used. "Observing the patient’s medical history, physical exam documentation, and proper execution are all important. Instead of speaking to someone on the phone, conduct an inquiry and email the certificate after having completed the payment.


The future of telemedicine


According to the website of State, telemedicine can be used provided it does not require in-person interaction. This is among the most common complaints from physicians.


The state-approved telemedicine after having consulted with the Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts. This board is responsible for regulating doctors' medical licenses. Fraker states "If it is appropriate or suitable for an evaluation in another field that it is, then it should be suitable or adequate to be used in an examination using medical marijuana."


According to the form of certification, a physician must have "met and examined the qualified patients." The state does not maintain any records about whether the certification was done through telemedicine or in person.,121093,420id,st-lou.html

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