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Customised Umbrella Singapore

Oct 17

Why customised umbrellas singapore are so popular in companies?

The majority of people, rain-lover or otherwise, view umbrellas as essential household items that are only needed for rainy days. However, there are many creative branding options and possibilities to make umbrellas more. A customized umbrella makes a great gift for clients or employees. 83% of people associate brands with corporate gifts. According to an American study, approximately 33 million umbrellas were sold annually. That's a lot of marketing and branding potential. Everyone has a preference for different items and no one likes the same thing. This makes umbrellas the ideal gift for employees and an essential accessory in luxury hotels.

Even though Aquaholic is a fan of the rain, we offer an impartial perspective. Here are some reasons customised umbrella singapore are very popular with companies:

1. Customised Umbrella Singapore are a universally used object that has been around for centuries. They can be found everywhere (wherever it rains but also where it shines) and they can help spread the message on a large scale. This means that umbrellas can be sold anywhere a company wants them to, and even given as gifts to employees.

2. Customised Umbrella Singapore are highly visible and can be used for marketing purposes. This is especially true in narrow streets where pedestrians must pay attention to avoid colliding. If there's a message on the canvas, people will notice it. It's almost as if you're a billboard. This makes it easy for artists, companies and hotels to get their message out! Promoting umbrellas can generate up to 1,100 impressions per year! They might be even more effective marketing tools than other ads... except for rainy days.

3. Customised Umbrella Singapore is a symbol for protection, safety, and practicality. They can always save us from rain and wind in a simple way. Brands benefit by being associated with these little bodyguards. This way, when you reach for your umbrella to protect yourself, you will remember who it is- the brand on canvas.

4. The umbrella's shape makes it easy to modify and personalize it. The production line does not have to be completely restructured. This makes it possible for brands and customers to modify the products.

5. Umbrellas can be difficult to produce because they require many components to be correctly assembled to ensure they resist wind and are strong. They are also relatively inexpensive options for companies looking to place their logo on umbrellas. The sales statistics show this, since umbrellas wouldn’t be as popular if they were too expensive.

We recommend that you only purchase umbrellas from customised umbrella singapore specialists if your company is interested in umbrellas. Umbrellas can be very complicated objects and are best left to professionals.

Aquaholic has been partnering with some of the most prestigious and successful hotels and brands in Singapore since 2003.

Here's an example of a wonderful collaboration with a local hotel in Singapore. The inside of the canopy shows the dome in the hotel's tea room. It makes it seem like you are still indoors, even though you are outside in the rain. Aquaholic Gifts is sure to inspire you!