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The Ultimate GoHighLevel Snapshot | Hack Your SaaS To Scale Fast

Oct 26

I'm gonna show you guys everything that we do to set up a new client with this ultimate Small Business snapshot. How to get them connected, their website connected A to Z, everything. All right. 

So once we've loaded the snapshot into their account I have the training course that we offer right up pulled up. I'm gonna follow step by step of things to do here. 

So imported the snapshot, added the user's updated profile, and complete the integration.  Let's go ahead and take care of that. 

So you need to add a user to the account so go to my staff and make sure at least one person isn't here, this should be your client and then we're gonna go to integrations ▪ and make sure you have their google account connected. 

If they have a Facebook or Instagram, these are business accounts, make sure those are connected a stripe account if you plan on using payments for them, make sure that you get that connected this is really easy to do you can do this with them on the call, we have onboarding services that take care of this for you and a whole bunch of other things on that onboarding, we trained them and everything but ▪ yeah so here you just your client would have to go in and sign in with google select their account, press allow ▪ and voila now it is connected and then if you have with, so this is really important your clients especially if they're local businesses will or should have a google my business account. 

Now once you connect the Gmail, google my business will automatically populate pop up here to also connect but you have to make sure that the account that you're connecting, the Gmail account that you're connecting is the same one that they used to make their google my business profile then it'll pop up if there if you connected a different one and the google my business has a different one on file, you won't see it

So make sure that whatever is in your G. M. B. 

Is the one that you connect here if you want that to populate. 

Alright so close and then if you have our accounts and other things that select connected to this to this email, those will also populate and you can connect that here as well. 

So here is where you can go ahead and choose the G. M. B. 

Page and of course connect Facebook and Instagram as well as the stripe. 

Alright, once all of that is taken care of, you want to go ahead and go over to the profile so in the profile help them update their password if you've started them off with a temporary password for the email signature. Let's go ahead and update that they can populate their email signature that they already have existing or you can really quickly set up one for them right with their name and their business made their company and their phone number. 

Phone number. We recommended using the Twilio number they set up for them. 

 So this is the one I'm gonna put where do we there we go 

And they can put a website address here as well and then here you can customize it more by adding in photos and things like that. 

Right. Right safe. And then here make sure that they have the correct time zone selected. 

And then here you would put in the hours that they would like to take meetings. 

So this availability link is related to the calendar set that is set up in the system. 

Be sure to click update available availability, and meeting location you can have them connect to zoom or google meet accounts. And it's as easy as just going through the prompts again and then clicking on update availability here. 

Super important once you do have the calendar you do have Gmail connected you want to come here and sync the calendar. 

This will allow any appointments that get booked into that get booked onto the one that gets booked into high level will be sunk onto google their Gmail calendar or their outlook whichever one you just whichever one they use most often. 

So it works with Gmail and outlook. 

But if you want the appointments to be sink so they can view it in and out of there the CRM be sure to come here and select this. 

Alright. And then we leave this as that safe and then if they have another calendar, another email that they want to check conflicts against. 

You can go ahead and do that right here. Alright, let's go and let that save. 

So next in our training course we have Twilio numbers so you would go over the phone numbers once you have you know your Twilio account configured and everything and then just within whichever area code that they want to buy the number and go ahead and select the number type in that area code. 

And we have a whole training on the best settings when you're doing when you're configuring their trolling number so be sure to watch that. 

And next, we're gonna go ahead and enable their calendars. So now we have groups which is awesome. 

What you're gonna say, you see how these are great out that means there is nobody who, there's no one is assigned to this calendar 

So what you're gonna do is go ahead and edit the group I believe. No no. 

So you would go ahead and click on add user select your name and then here, make sure you select the meeting location and you can change, do the event colors. 

we already have this preset for you so that's all good. You can go iand change the description if you feel like just the office hours here, whatever you set in your profile will it is will take over and overwrite whatever is here So you don't have to worry about this too much and but if you have multiple teams in this group, then you would and let's see you want to go ahead and click here, enable service. 

Okay, it's always good to have a buffer in between appointments, so a 15-minute buffer and you should have a scheduling notice you can go ahead and decide how long you want that scheduling notice to be for me. 

I personally like a four-hour scheduling notice so that gives me enough time to just mentally prepare myself but it depends on the industry. 

So this is something that you can go ahead and ask your clients once you're getting their calendars set up and how many appointments they want to take in a day. 

So I'm gonna set this to four like four appointments in a day and these should all be set already so you can just go ahead and end complete and you're gonna go ahead and click enable service. 

There you go now that the calendar is configured. Okay, next we have in our training course connected domain. Alright, so the domain is super important. 

your clients should have a domain for all the funnels and websites and other cool funnels and websites to work within the system. 

They do need a domain. So whether you buy it for them or they already have one or you show them how to buy one and guide them through that one way or another. 

We highly highly recommend that they have a domain connected to the CRM and it's super easy to buy a domain if your clients are not tech savvy, we recommend that you buy one for them or guide them through buying one, and then we have watched this training on how to connect it back to here. 

So once that's done you're gonna go to sites and you're going to connect all of these funnels to the domain. So you go to settings and you're just going to select the domain from the dropdown, Press save easy, and just go ahead and do that for all the funnels.  Alright. So that there are domain-connecting domains unlocking your snapshot. 

So to unlock your snapshot, you're going to go here ▪ and when you come here you're going to see an area ▪ where it says setup snapshot and that's all explained in this video. 

So I don't want to get into that. 

So I want to go out and unlock that and you'll you're good to go and use your snapshot and after you're done doing that you're gonna come here you're gonna copy this  Copy this link right here. 

And we are going to switch. let me go ahead and duplicate this. 


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